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Grace and Gratitude

2012 November 19

With gratitude, all life appears as a blessing – without gratitude, all of life is perceived as a burden. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Grace and Gratitude of ThanksgivingWe’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week – at least in the United States – which kicks off the holiday season. Ah yes, Black Friday. I think I saw Christmas ads and decorations displayed right before Halloween. Grace and Gratitude

So much for grace and gratitude.

I think Black Friday should be Green Friday and we should all just go play golf and not spend ANY money.  Have we lost our minds? I mean really – getting up at 4 AM (or earlier) just to grab another electronic gadget at a gimmicky sale. Really?? Even employees at these stores are beginning to grumble about getting up at oh-dark-thirty and completely losing their holiday.

Ah, but I digress.

Over the last decade or so, my attitude has changed about Thanksgiving and grace and gratitude. In past years, Thanksgiving was simply an extra day off and a chance to get together with friends. I had gotten away from the Thanksgiving of my youth where family gathered around around a huge table full of food, an uncle would say grace and then we would all have dinner together (we won’t talk about the fights that ensued at the dinner table – sheesh!).

I had forgotten about grace and gratitude through the years with the bumps and bruises of life. These days, I really appreciate the extra time to say thank you and a chance to get together with friends. A lot has changed over the last decade or so – I’ve figured out that life is what you make it. As the quote says above, with gratitude all life appears as a blessing. Boy, am I ever blessed! ;->

It’s not that I didn’t feel grateful or express my gratitude in past years – not at all. I was brought up with please and thank you as well as other manners. I’m talking about this deeper level of gratitude that comes with learning true gratitude; a sense of grace and gratitude that usually comes with age and wisdom.

Before you gear up for Thanksgiving Day and the ensuing mayhem of Black Friday, before you gear up for all of the holiday parties, friends, food and drink – take a deep breath. Now that you’ve taken that deep breath, dig really deep and look at the intangibles that make your life a blessing. I’m grateful I have friends and family (and extended family) who love me, I’m grateful that I’ve gotten this far in life and I’m doing good – really good! I’m grateful that I believe in myself enough to actually follow my dreams instead of just talking about them. I’m grateful not only for my dreams but also for the next step in this process – even if I can’t see it yet.

Join me in an extra helping of gratitude this year before all the hubbub gets going. Feel the gratitude deep in your soul – for me it’s a tingly, sweet feeling in the pit of my stomach and it makes me know that my eyes are open enough to see all the good things happening in my life.

I’m truly grateful for all of you who stop by and read my blog each week – I appreciate your loyalty and your comments. There are a million blogs out there to read and it’s wonderful that you have chosen to stop here for a moment or two. I hope you’ll come back! Your tweets, likes, pins and stumbles are much appreciated as it helps get the word out about my book Find Your Paradigm: The Art of Living With Grace and Ease. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours!

Leap Fearlessly!

Melissa ;o)


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